Tuesday, November 7, 2017

A Simple Solution

I have been plagued by someone who was interfering with a website name.  When it leaked over into my blog, I realized I needed a different kind of solution.

Even though I had invested seven years of blogging with that domain name, it was suggested to me to just drop the domain.

And so I have.

I do not need to engage with anyone who has a negative approach to doing business.

My business is to uplift and inspire.

And so I shall continue with my original desire to share inspiration and peace (SIP), unhampered by a lower type of thought.

Uplifting and sharing is never exploitation.

It never uses interference to force a profit.

I did not need to engage with a lower type of business practice.

I easily extracted myself.

Now I can continue to listen for good ideas to share.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Expect Niceness

What if we could all grow up being nice to one another?

To treating each other with respect?

To being considerate and understanding?

These are qualities which we learn to cultivate through the examples of people around us, through children’s stories of kindness, and through becoming mature.

The fear behind selfishness and bullying is evident.

The fear behind having to have so much that you are willing to take away the ability for everyone else to provide for themselves is evident.

We no longer need to glorify that kind of fear.

We can glorify the qualities in the “Book of Virtues” and in other moral writings.

We can make practical decisions, as most of us do, on the basis of creating policy which allows everyone to thrive.

We can back away from bullying in the financial and political spheres, just as we do in the lives of our children and in our own business dealings.

We can expect niceness.

We don’t have to be manipulated into buying something that is good quality.

When we support the practical art of seeing the true value of everyone, we will do the right thing by them and by ourselves.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Your Innocent Path

Take a path of joy.

Take a path of curiosity.

Take a path of delight.

Learn new things.

Learn practical things.

Learn beautiful things.

Learn to make things, all kinds of things.

Learn how to fix things so they will work well again.

Become skillful and competent.

Do things you love.

Discover beautiful places in Nature.

Take time to continually revive your soul.

Walk your innocent path.

Walk your power.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

New Wonderfulness

After watching the film “Prosperity” by Dr. Pedram Shojai , it made me feel so good to see all the solutions in action.  

Many businesses are operating under uplifting guiding principles which define their contributions to society, and they are making a good profit.

It made me feel good despite the desperation and rage and despair that the media is feeding us.

So now I know that what I do which is uplifting and gentle and good, is also powerful.

The new and wonderful ideas which come to me are worth completing, are worth bringing into production.

All the good qualities which I began researching as part of my spiritual study all my life are having an effect in my life.

They are touching all the children I taught, and they are touching all the people with whom I come into contact on a daily basis.

This is the quality of the thought I am sending out.

We can all see the results of the quality of thought which is promoted.

If we go along with it, we become part of the tide.

It can be a tide of despair or a tide of happiness.

When we value our own thought qualities and how they enable us to uplift our part of society, they give us a different kind of life.

We can continue to create new wonderful things which are good for people.

We always have the choice of joining in, whether to despair or to uplift.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Friday, October 6, 2017

Keep Your Imagination Going

Even if you cannot implement your ideas right away, it is extremely important to keep brainstorming.

As you keep yourself alert, you keep expanding your ideas.

Eventually, something will call out to you so strongly that you will do it.

The fact that your mind is so flexible and used to looking for resources, will aid you immensely.

Your old ideas may have been what kept your mind alive until you could actually implement them.

If those are not the ideas you implement, it is because you have outgrown them, or they have served their purpose in keeping your mind alive.

Now, you can hone in on what you are truly drawn to.

You can let your imagination become your reality.

Once again, you can let your mind expand and imagine different places and ways to implement your idea.

You will follow up on resources or keep listening until the ideas come to you where to find them.

New combinations of ideas may result from all the resources and skills you have been developing while you were getting ready for a new phase in your life.

You will be ready to imagine them coming together and your habit of mind expansion will continue taking you outward until they all connect.

The habit of imagining is an expectation which brings realization and manifestation into your life.

Be opulent and generous in what you imagine.

Let all with whom you come in contact be blessed and uplifted by your service.

Keep imagining far and wide and make room for your most delightful dreams and blessings.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Monday, September 25, 2017

Conscious Listening

Waking up in the night, I have learned to listen for the idea which I am to consider.

I may spend a couple of hours reflecting and meditating on what comes to me.

Sometimes I write down the reflection I have on the ideas.

Sometimes I am impelled to action, and I get up to work on or to finish a project.

The special quiet time allows me to listen and think with no distractions.

I can devote pure thought to the idea.

I can lay some issues to rest with concentrated thought and meditation.

If I reach an impasse, I can be satisfied to let it go for now.

If I reach resolution, I can be satisfied, too.

That deep listening time is precious.

I am grateful for the valuable work I can do during that time.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Seeing With an Expanded View

We are here to experience the things we see from our viewpoint.

We are then to improve upon them until we, and they, reach a state of joy, delight, harmony, beauty.

We reach that state by service.

We are to uplift through our perception and attitude.

When we are seen, it becomes a delivery of who we consciously are.

We are delivering our sense of the world and its possibilities.

We are foolish to be limited by what has already been and is considered common practice.

There is a way in which all things that are seen can be uplifted and improved.

The ways differ according to who is seeing them and the tools they are using to uplift the situation.

But they all have upliftment in common.

We move from our present sense of things to include more people in good, in harmony, in prosperity.

When we finally become unafraid to do this, unafraid that the limitations we see around us are the only view, then we become empowered to make the changes which uplift.

We are all empowered to do this in various ways.

We all come together at a certain time and in a certain way when the time is ripe.

We are seeing this now.

Enough people have had the kinds of experiences which compel them to share their new view with the kind of conviction to change our present course.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage